At the Aspen Club, we view fitness, health, and wellness from a synchronized mind, body, and spirit perspective. Of all the possible investments throughout life, one of the best returns you can enjoy is from the personal investment in yourself and in those you love. Think high yield. It’s time to start investing in you. The return will be priceless.

Collectively, the Aspen Club team is thrilled for what is just around the corner: An Aspen Club Campus with groundbreaking health facilities and programming, where mind, body, and spirit live.

Partner Facilities

You don’t have to miss your workout while we’re under construction, here are all the details about our partner facilities.


Join our signature High Intensity Interval Training (HI2T) class now offered at the Jewish Community Center.


From spin to Pilates to boxing, there’s plenty of options to get your heart pumping at one of the fitness classes available at our partner facilities.


Meet Aspen Shakti, our exclusive yoga and mind-body partner!  Together, we pioneer living purposefully in all that we do.

During the construction closure, Aspen Club Members have access to partner facilities and classes.

Aspen Town-N-Trail (TNT)

The Aspen Club is proud to be the Presenting Sponsor of the Aspen Town-N-Trail (TNT) 10K Race. The TNT 10K Race showcases a unique route on various trails, bike paths, and sidewalks around Aspen and has become an off-season highlight for many local runners.

Koch Park

Our Manifesto

Let the journey begin and never end. Let’s make tomorrow our today. Let’s make what happens here daily. Let’s be happy ever after. Invite change. Come out and play. Practice. Mindfulness. Performance. Be the author of your own story. Be the change you wish to see. Try new things. Smile and pass it on. A balanced life is truly priceless. Premier. World-Class. Locally grown. Work hard. Play harder. Enjoy a slice or two of the good life. Breathe. Exhale. Repeat. Bring friends. Make friends. Be friends. The middle of the road is no place to be. Seek higher ground. Live for the moment. Invest in yourself. Challenge yourself. Recreate yourself. Enhance. Renew. Restore. The Aspen Club. Join Us.

The Aspen Club Campus. Turning over a new leaf. Moving riverfront setting. Groundbreaking health facilities and programming. Experiential destination where mind, body, and spirit live.

The Aspen Club. A crossroads of health, happiness, and higher learning. A passport to exceptional living through revolutionary offerings. A lifelong community, constantly transformed by empowering leaders. A powerhouse of electric energy, showcasing boundless possibilities. World-class. State of the art. A heart and soul experience of Aspen.