The Aspen Club & Aspen Shakti Announce a Marriage Made in Aspen

The Aspen Club & Aspen Shakti

The Aspen Club is extremely excited to announce our official partnership with the Aspen Shakti. Jayne Gottlieb, Owner and Founder of Aspen Shakti, states, “This unique collaboration will help us create world-class yoga and mindfulness programming in both our fresh studio and at the newly redeveloped Aspen Club Campus. This is also an opportunity to incubate a brand in Aspen that inspires ALIVE living everywhere.”

The union will create a culture that is connected, vibrant, healthy, and inspired, benefitting Aspen Club and Aspen Shakti studio members and teams as well as the community. Together, we believe that the Aspen Club and Aspen Shakti can accomplish something that is far greater than the sum of its parts. We can create an unsurpassed experience for the collective Aspen Shakti and Aspen Club members.

Michael Fox, Owner and CEO of the Aspen Club, expressed, “As the Aspen Club begins to realize our vision for a renewed and revitalized Aspen Club Campus, we are extremely excited about our official partnership with Aspen Shakti. This collaboration has a central purpose: to create incomparable yoga and mindfulness programming that sets new industry standards.”

Aspen Shakti and the Aspen Club share a collective mission, which focuses on creating groundbreaking mind-body experiences that heighten every primary element of move, eat, breathe, and connect. We look forward to celebrating this union, making a defining statement, revolutionizing movement, and inspiring each other.

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