Hi2T for Hunger

Hi2T for Hunger

Hi2T For Hunger was created to challenge people to have fun, get in shape, and most importantly, provide food to less fortunate children in Colorado. With your help, these kids can grow up strong and thrive.

Thank you to everyone that supported the 3rd Annual Hi2T for Hunger event. With your generosity, we raised over $10,000. All proceeds go to the Western Slope Food Bank of the Rockies. Please stay tuned for our next event!

Intensity with Intention

Hi2T will enhance athletic performance and will make you leaner and stronger through baseline body measurements, fitness testing, and feedback from our certified personal trainers.

The Aspen Club’s Dirk Schultz, creator of Hi2T for Hunger, was inspired to make a difference for kids who live in food insecure homes. He wants to give these kids a chance to grow up strong – mentally, socially, and physically.

Watch our YouTube video below and get inspired to help!


Fighting Hunger. Feeding Hope.

The Aspen Club’s Dirk Schultz is a Life and Wellness Coach, and he is also passionate about helping underprivileged children. Dirk grew up with four brothers in the same situation as many others in the state of Colorado. One in seven Coloradans worry about where they will find their next meal, and nearly half are children. Dirk’s family relied on government programs, which provided lunch tickets for the boys at school. These programs helped to fill the gap for his family, but it wasn’t easy growing up with limited funds and stereotypes. Today, Dirk empathizes with kids living in food insecure homes and chooses to help make a difference.

Hi2T for Hunger was created to help give back and provide a way to raise money for hunger relief programs. All proceeds from Hi2T for Hunger go to the Western Slope Food Bank of the Rockies. You can help fight hunger by participating or donating.

Join us to help these kids grow up strong and thrive!

Food Bank of the Rockies

You can help fight hunger in our community by contributing your time or resources. Every dollar donated to Food Bank of the Rockies provides four meals to our neighbors in need.

Food Bank of the Rockies (FBR)is the largest private hunger-relief organization in the state of Colorado. It has extended its reach across Northern Colorado, providing food and supplies to more than 800 hunger-relief programs. Last year, FBR distributed 53.2 million pounds of food, enough to provide more than 121,000 meals each day to children, seniors, and families in need. FBR is a member of Feeding America.